11 Days 'til Christmas ... Help!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

So sorry ... we have completely fallen behind on our blog posting and Christmas shopping and Christmas tree buying and so many other things. Good news though is we have been really busy with the Etsy store. I had no idea our water bottles would be as popular as they are. We've actually run out twice ... so stressful and such a learning experience.

The fabric shop has been put on temporary hold just until we can get past Christmas and then it's full steam ahead. Just the thought of all that pretty fabric gets me super excited!



Anonymous said...

I linked to your shop from the Shop Critique... love what you're doing and I had an idea for you... why not create a cute gift package with several of your items all wrapped up in some kind of preppy basket or package?

Lola Pink Fabrics said...

A very good suggestion and one that we hope to incorporate soon!

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