A Perfect Pairing - Emmeline Apron + Felicity Miller

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We had several people mention how much they loved the apron that we showed in our Felicity Miller post yesterday and who could argue. It's so bold and fun ... perfect for making chores at least a bit more bearable. :)

To replicate the look, we've paired the Emmeline Apron from Sew Liberated with the Music Red and Up and Down Pink from Felicity's Gypsy collection.

How cute would this be AND the Emmeline Apron is reversible! Sweet, right?! Don't forget, we've included Gypsy in our 20% sale section right now so you can pick up the pattern and score a great deal on the fabric.

So what do you think of my choices? Agree or which fabrics would you choose instead? I'm in desperate need of an apron like this so I would love to hear your suggestions.

Lola Pink Fabrics

Fabric in Action - Felicity Miller Gypsy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love browsing the blogs of the designers we love! Without fail I know I will find something to love and Felicity Miller's blog was no exception.

We've been such fans of her Gypsy collection and seeing it in action makes us love it even more. How fabulous is this quilt?! I just love the bold colors of this collection.

Then if the quilt wasn't fabulous enough, check out the apron, ironing board cover and pillows! Love them!

Seeing fabric in action like this always gets my creative juices going. I just get so inspired looking at what everyone has created. {sigh} so many projects, so little time! I'm hoping to sneak in some sewing time this afternoon {fingers crossed}

Oh and before I forget ... all of our Felicity Miller Gypsy fabrics are 20% off. Woohoo! So now would be a great time to stock up on this bold, fabulous collection and show off what you make in our Flickr pool. Haven't joined our Flickr pool yet? We'd love if you did and show off your mad sewing skills! Bring it on!


Fabric in Action - Lila Tueller Spirit Cargo Bag

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I had not intended on blogging today but came across this fabulous bag by Lila Tueller using her Spirit fabrics and just had to share. Gotta love a military-inspired bag done in pinks and greens!

Apparently she is still working on a pattern for this bag so it's not available yet but as soon as it is, we will be sure and get them. According to her blog, she will also be selling a hardware kit so you won't have to search around for the right hardware. Yay!

Until we can get our hands on this pattern, I'm thinking the Birdie Bag by Amy Butler would look amazing made out of the Spirit fabrics! Hmmm ... might have to get started on that or at least add it to my list of projects. I would give anything to be able to sew all day long and actually work on all the projects I have on my list .. such a great dream!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Getting ready to cut on some fabric and watch some football. I just love Saturdays!!


Feature Friday - Kate Conklin Designs

Friday, September 24, 2010

I've got a little confession to make and I hope not to disappoint some of our readers .... I've never had a desire to make a quilt {eep} I'm sorry, I just haven't. Don't get me wrong, I love quilts .. I do. I just never actually wanted to sit down and make one myself. Quilting just always seemed a little "old lady" to me and I wasn't quite ready to accept that fate just yet. That is until now! Have you seen the new Kate Conklin Designs quilt patterns we have in stock?! So not an old lady quilt! LOL

Kate's designs are modern and fresh and absolutely gorgeous when paired with the modern fabrics. Our favorite is the Wonky Donkey. How adorable is he?!

I love how bright and fun this quilt is. I think this will be my first quilt and will use the Laurie Wisbrun Donkeys in Wellies fabric shown but how sweet would it look with the Monaco by Monaluna fabrics?

Sea Views is another favorite of ours made using the Beyond the Sea fabric by Cloud9. She makes such great use of this gorgeous organic fabric collection.

Her other designs are just as fabulous and include Dandelion Windows, There's a Square in There, and Charm Bracelets. I would love to see Dandelion Windows made using the Pat Bravo Paradise collection or Charm Bracelets from Kate Spain's Fandango collection {gorgeous}.

Kate is a sweet mom from Australia who once described herself as "mathematically minded but not particularly artistic." Without a doubt, I could use those same words to describe myself. She only developed her passion for quilting and design in the past couple of years so apparently there is hope for me yet! Woot!

Be sure to check out Kate's blog. She just recently posted some quilts that people have made using her patterns and they are so inspirational.

Please excuse me for my past quilting misconceptions. I am so excited to get started on a quilt. I just need to find make the time to start.

So what do you think? How fabulous are these patterns?? What combinations would you like to see?


A Perfect Pairing - Liverpool Tunic + Twilight Pond

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We got in some amazing patterns last week and almost immediately my mind started racing with all the pattern + fabric combinations. I may have temporarily overloaded my circuits a bit. Which apparently isn't that hard to do these days. LOL

The pattern that caught my eye first was Amy Butler's the "Liverpool" tunic. How amazing would this be made using Pat Bravo's Twilight Pond from the Paradise collection? {swoon}

With a fabric in mind, the next major decision is which version of the pattern to use. Oh boy ... how to decide between the shirt, tunic, short dress or long dress?!

The tunic length would be great with jeans which I wear often but maybe a bit too often. Or I could go with the short dress and wear it over a pair of leggings but then I'd actually have to buy leggings and I have avoided that trend so far .. would definitely need some coaxing for this look. The long dress would be great but I tend to keep my exceptionally pale legs covered. Hmmm ... such decisions. Do I stay within my comfort zone and go with the tunic over jeans or do I venture out a little and go with the leggings or heaven-forbid the long dress and show some leg?! Help please!!


PS. Don't forget to enter the Belle Sol Bebe giveaway we've got going on right now. You get to pick the bonnet you'd like or I bet we could even work out something with Nicole to where you could choose from any of our fabrics and make a custom bonnet. That would be cool!

A Bella Sol Bebe Giveaway

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you so much for your entries! The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Ellie at Lemon and Rose on winning! Can't wait to see which bonnet she chooses.


Following the tremendous success of our Pretty & Preppy giveaway last week, we've got another great one to share with you today. Woot!

As you may recall, a few Fridays ago we did a Feature Friday of one of our dear friends, Nicole, who has a fabulous Etsy store, Bella Sol Bebe. She makes the most adorable reversible baby bonnets around and she's letting us give one away! How unbelievably awesome is that?!

Seriously .. how adorable are these?!

You get your choice from any of her fantastic bonnets available in her shop. If you don't have a baby yourself (like me), a bonnet would make a great gift for anyone with a youngster running around or crawling as the case may be.

To enter, all you have to do is visit Bella Sol Bebe and let us know what you're loving. And of course we couldn't let you go with just one measly entry so here are all the ways you can enter:
  • Entry #1 Visit Bella Sol Bebe and let us know what your loving
  • Entry #2 Become a fan of Bella Sol Bebe on Facebook
  • Entry #3 Follow Bella Sol Bebe on Twitter
  • Entry #4 Follow the Lola Pink Fabrics blog
  • Entry #5 Become a fan of Lola Pink Fabrics on Facebook
  • Entry #6 Mention this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog 
Please only one entry per post. Definitely make sure you let me know how to reach you when you win (email, twitter, etc.) Winner will be picked via random number generator Friday evening, September 24th.
    Good luck, everyone! 


    A Pretty & Preppy Giveaway - Winner!

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Congratulations to #75 Tim, Karla and Titus Curington! You have won our Pretty & Preppy giveaway and get your choice of travel mug! Yay! I just love giveaways!

    I really wish we could have given one to everyone who entered and although we couldn't, you all get 15% off all purchases through Sunday, September 19th in our shop. Woohoo! Now's the time to stock up on all the pretty new items you've been eyeing all week. ;) Just enter PnPGiveaway01 at checkout to receive your discount. :)

    Thanks for entering! We love you all!!


    A Pretty & Preppy Giveaway

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    The giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

    I must admit I've been feeling a bit funky today. I'm a bit sleep-deprived and well that's making me a bit edgy. I don't like being edgy .. don't like it at all. So what's an edgy girl to do but host a giveaway! Woot!

    I like giveaways. Giveaways make me happy. Giveaways make me smile. And since we've been talking amongst ourselves about having a Pretty & Preppy giveaway, I've decided today is THE. PERFECT. DAY! Aaahhh ... I feel my edginess melting as I type this :)

    For those that don't know ... basically there would be no Lola Pink Fabrics if it weren't for Pretty & Preppy. We got so caught up buying gorgeous fabrics for our shop, we figured out pretty quickly that we'd have to come up with a Plan B or go broke. Ok, ok ... I admit ... maybe it was more of a "me" rather than a "we". Mom would just laugh when I'd send her the list of fabrics I wanted to buy.

    So now that Lola Pink Fabrics is blowing and going, it's time to breathe some life back in to Pretty & Preppy. We've given her a makeover (thanks to Posh Pixels Design Studio) and given her a new home, PrettyandPreppy.com.  We've also dusted off the sewing machine and are super busy stocking her shelves with bunches of new products and new designs.  The Cloth Diaper Burp Cloth is just the beginning. Just today we decided on 2 more new products to add to the lineup. Woohoo! I would definitely recommend bookmarking the site because you just never know when new stuff will become available.

    So, who's ready for some details? I know, I know ... it's about time!! Up for grabs is your choice of one of our best selling products, a Travel Mug! ooooh, ahhhh Sweet, right?! I just love these and use mine all the time.

    To enter, just go check out our shop and let us know which product your loving.  It could be a travel mug, one of our new burp cloths, or maybe a water bottle, or even one of our fabulous snap wallets. The choice is yours and we're dying to know what you think.

    But we can't let you get by with one measly entry .. so let's bump it up shall we.
    • Entry #1 ... tell us what you're loving in the shop
    • Entry #2 ... follow Pretty & Preppy on Twitter (@prettynpreppy)
    • Entry #3 ... become a fan of Pretty & Preppy on Facebook
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    • Entry #6 ... Tweet the giveaway
    That's it ... simple right?! If you don't mind, please only one entry per comment. It makes things a bit easier on our end. {thanks!} Oh and definitely make sure you let me know how to reach you when you win (email, twitter, etc.) Winner will be picked via random number generator Friday evening, September 17th.

    Good luck, everyone! Can't wait to see what your loving!


    Fabric in Action - Burp Cloths

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Hey, Everyone! Hope y'all are having a fantastic day! Just a quick post to let you see what we were up to this weekend. In one word ... SEWING ... lots and lots of sewing! Yay!

    I made the fantastic decision to stop by mom's house on Thursday and picked up a tremendous amount of fabric from our new collections. The amount of fabric I got was ridiculous and further reminded us as to why we started Lola Pink Fabrics to begin with ... I am a hopeless fabric addict!! I just can't help myself when I'm surrounded by such pretty fabric. I get all breathless and starry eyed ... LOL. It's quite the sight!

    I grabbed some of the new Fandango by Kate Spain which I absolutely ADORE, Spirit by Lila Tueller, Paradise by Pat Bravo, Opal Owl by Tina Givens, and Gypsy by Felicity Miller. SCORE!

    After getting all the fabric loveliness home, I promptly set about cutting off the selvages and stuffing it in the washer. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it took 2 loads .. whoops! So maybe, just maybe I might have gone just a wee bit overboard.

    So now .. what to do with all that fabric? We've been looking to add some new products to our Pretty and Preppy site and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it all ... Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths! Mom came over and we got to work ... all weekend long!

     I just love these! Granted most people actually use these for burp cloths but seeing as how there is no baby around the house, I use them as cleaning cloths. They work amazing!  I imagine though when my niece Perry Margaret is born, they will get quite the workout.

    Did anyone labor away Labor Day weekend as we did or did y'all kick back and enjoy a nice family barbecue?


    Labor Day Sale

    Saturday, September 4, 2010

    Thank you so much for making our Labor Day sale a huge success! For those who missed out, we still have a crazy amount of fabric in our Sale section on the website. Great collections such as Nicey Jane, Meadowsweet, Dolce, and Flora & Fauna are 20% off. Woohoo!!


    We hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Because we love you so much and love cutting fabric, we're offering 10% off all orders above $50 and 15% off all orders above $100 ... this includes all sale fabrics! Woot!

    Mom's coming to Lafayette tomorrow for a "Sew Day" and we are so excited! It's been a long time since we've had one of these but they are always a lot of fun and it's amazing how much more sewing we can get finished.

    We've decided to extend the sale to our Pretty and Preppy shop as well. Now's the time to stock up on all the fabulous items made using our fantastic fabrics!  Includes or Pretty Water Bottles and Travel Mugs!

    Happy Sewing and Happy Labor Day!


    A Scrappy Project - Bunting Tea Towel

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Whew .. finally got a chance to finish up Mom's new tea towel and it turned out pretty dang cute even if I do say so myself! The Beyond the Sea fabric from Cloud9 is so much fun to work with.

    I loosely followed Michelle Engel Bencsko's tutorial for her bunting pillow that I found on her blog, Cicada Daydream. For those that don't know, Michelle is the designer behind the fabulous Cloud9 fabric collections which we absolutely LOVE!

    I started out cutting a bunch of triangles. I varied the size a bit from the tutorial and went with triangles that were 4 inches across and 5 inches long.

    Initially I cut out 12 of them but then went back and added 2 more. {Note to self: when starting and stopping a project, it is best to verify the size of things before you guess and proceed.}Alas, my 2 extra triangles are a bit smaller than the first 12.

    I made bias tape from the Earth solid fabric from the same collection. Then it was just a matter of pinning everything in place and top stitching it all. Too easy!

    I love how it turned out although now I wish I had used a matching thread for the bias tape. The white looks OK but I think a turquoise would have looked much better.  Also wish I would have noticed that I had two coral pennants lined up. Grrrrrr

    So there you go, Mom ... your very own tea towel! So now maybe she'll quit trying to steal mine! ;)

    On a side note, did you happen to notice my water bottle with Coral Weed wrap in the first picture. I told you we loved the fabric!


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