Fabric in Action - Lila Tueller Spirit Cargo Bag

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I had not intended on blogging today but came across this fabulous bag by Lila Tueller using her Spirit fabrics and just had to share. Gotta love a military-inspired bag done in pinks and greens!

Apparently she is still working on a pattern for this bag so it's not available yet but as soon as it is, we will be sure and get them. According to her blog, she will also be selling a hardware kit so you won't have to search around for the right hardware. Yay!

Until we can get our hands on this pattern, I'm thinking the Birdie Bag by Amy Butler would look amazing made out of the Spirit fabrics! Hmmm ... might have to get started on that or at least add it to my list of projects. I would give anything to be able to sew all day long and actually work on all the projects I have on my list .. such a great dream!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Getting ready to cut on some fabric and watch some football. I just love Saturdays!!



Lila Tueller said...

Thanks Jennifer and Janet! This pattern will be ready shortly...just finishing up my last edit and it's off to the printer!
Thanks for the highlight...and I got my fabric order in the mail and went totally nuts-o!Thanks:)

watching football and sewing today too! heehee...

Anonymous said...

Cute bag, and love the fabric.

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