Things I'm Loving Today ...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a quick post to list some of the things I'm loving today ...

~ we're 3 days from March which means warmer temperatures after this incredibly cold and wet winter
~ it's FRIDAY and all that it implies
~ my new JCrew clothes that I got yesterday ... I LOVE JCrew!
~ being included in the Handmade Gift Guide's photo contest ... we would greatly appreciate your vote ... hint, hint
~ our lovely customers and friends who make all the hours we spend we put into the shops worthwhile and fulfilling ... we love you all!
~ my new Twillypop necklace ... love, love, love the aqua color!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Tweet Me

Friday, February 12, 2010

Twitter ... I don't know quite what to say about Twitter. The only reason we opened our Twitter account is because that's what we thought we had to do. Never in a million years did I think I would ever have a Twitter account; but we wanted to market the shop and it seemed like Twitter was a "must-have" thing to do. We had no idea who would follow us, how to get followers, or what we'd actually say.

To think back to those first days, it was kinda scary. By nature, I am an extremely shy person and always have been. To this day, I still struggle with tweets. Always a little hesitant as to whether or not what I have to say has any merit or would just come off as silly. (FYI .. social anxiety sucks!)

It wasn't until we got TweetDeck that Twitter changed for us. We started basically chatting with our followers and those we followed. We made friends ... but wait, wasn't Twitter supposed to be all about marketing?? We've made friends with such a broad range of people and it's been so rewarding! Now, I logon to Twitter to see what our friends have to say .. to keep in touch .. to say HI and see what's new. Yes, we still market some but it's so much more than that. We've me people we never would have met otherwise and now I couldn't imagine a day without Twitter. Crazy!!

Not only are our Twitter friends fun to talk to but most have super cool Etsy shops! Here's just a few of the items you can find ...

I can't wait to see who we "meet" next!


Open for Business

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lola Pink Fabrics on Etsy is officially up and running! We are so excited to finally have the fabrics in stock and ready to be cut. They are all SO pretty!

We've always thought that the pictures used on most websites just don't do justice to how truly pretty these fabrics are on the bolt. Not to mention, most of the time you can't get a good feel for how big or small the pattern really is. Although it requires a tremendous amount of more work for us, we've decided to photograph every bolt and show the photo in the Etsy listing. So rather than just teasing you with a little snippet of the print, you will get to see exactly how it looks and how pretty it truly is in the hopes that you will love the fabrics as much as we do.

Here is a small sampling of what we currently have in stock ...

Sandi Henderson ~ Meadowsweet

Patty Young ~ Flora & Fauna

Heather Bailey ~ Nicey Jane

Dena Designs ~ Leanika

Stayed tuned as we will have even more previews to come ...


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