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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lola Pink Fabrics on Etsy is officially up and running! We are so excited to finally have the fabrics in stock and ready to be cut. They are all SO pretty!

We've always thought that the pictures used on most websites just don't do justice to how truly pretty these fabrics are on the bolt. Not to mention, most of the time you can't get a good feel for how big or small the pattern really is. Although it requires a tremendous amount of more work for us, we've decided to photograph every bolt and show the photo in the Etsy listing. So rather than just teasing you with a little snippet of the print, you will get to see exactly how it looks and how pretty it truly is in the hopes that you will love the fabrics as much as we do.

Here is a small sampling of what we currently have in stock ...

Sandi Henderson ~ Meadowsweet

Patty Young ~ Flora & Fauna

Heather Bailey ~ Nicey Jane

Dena Designs ~ Leanika

Stayed tuned as we will have even more previews to come ...



Sally Carson said...

YES YES YES! I love the shots of the fabric ON the bolt!!! It is one reason I hesitate to buy my fabric online. The other reason is color... your colors look fantastic! They aren't washed out or dull! YAY!!! Great job ladies! I'm really excited for you!

LolaPinkFabrics said...

Thank you! I need to go back and tweak some of the pictures but as a whole, I think they turned out great. The pictures we downloaded from the manufacturers just didn't do the fabrics justice.

Sally Carson said...

You guys are going to do great! They look beautiful already!

Anne said...

your pics are amazing! good work, the shop looks great. :)

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