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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey, Everyone! Hope y'all are having a fantastic day! Just a quick post to let you see what we were up to this weekend. In one word ... SEWING ... lots and lots of sewing! Yay!

I made the fantastic decision to stop by mom's house on Thursday and picked up a tremendous amount of fabric from our new collections. The amount of fabric I got was ridiculous and further reminded us as to why we started Lola Pink Fabrics to begin with ... I am a hopeless fabric addict!! I just can't help myself when I'm surrounded by such pretty fabric. I get all breathless and starry eyed ... LOL. It's quite the sight!

I grabbed some of the new Fandango by Kate Spain which I absolutely ADORE, Spirit by Lila Tueller, Paradise by Pat Bravo, Opal Owl by Tina Givens, and Gypsy by Felicity Miller. SCORE!

After getting all the fabric loveliness home, I promptly set about cutting off the selvages and stuffing it in the washer. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it took 2 loads .. whoops! So maybe, just maybe I might have gone just a wee bit overboard.

So now .. what to do with all that fabric? We've been looking to add some new products to our Pretty and Preppy site and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it all ... Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths! Mom came over and we got to work ... all weekend long!

 I just love these! Granted most people actually use these for burp cloths but seeing as how there is no baby around the house, I use them as cleaning cloths. They work amazing!  I imagine though when my niece Perry Margaret is born, they will get quite the workout.

Did anyone labor away Labor Day weekend as we did or did y'all kick back and enjoy a nice family barbecue?



Jessica said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing! I'd be afraid to clean with such gorgeous cloths, or let my baby spit up on them, they're too nice!

Lola Pink Fabrics said...

I had to fuss at mom over this very topic last week regarding her new tea towel I made her. LOL

I make stuff for people to use and use often. Especially these burp cloths that get softer with use.

To think of our stuff sitting in a corner somewhere being deemed to pretty to use makes me sad .. Nobody puts my burp cloths in a corner! ... sorry, I just love Dirty Dancing.

The more they are used, the more they are loved, and if and when they finally give out, you can always come back and get another in the latest fabrics. Who knows what pretty fabrics we'll find next!

Sorry, rant over. I just love our stuff and want everyone else to love them and enjoy them just as much.

Janet ~ Lola Pink Fabrics said...

Jessica, this is Janet and I appreciate you taking some of the heat off of me for not using my pretty towel. She threatened to take it back if I didn't use it. She is right but it is still hard to see tea stains all over them. =)

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