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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today has been such a great day around the PrettynPreppy and Lola Pink Fabrics office! Not only did Lola Pink Fabrics score a fabulous feature in The Handmade Gift Guide but one of our PrettynPreppy Pretty Burb Cloth and Wash Cloth sets is the Etsy Item of the Day!

A very big THANK YOU to Anne of The Handmade Gift Guide and Jackie of the Etsy Item of the Day for making this a great day for us!

We are so excited and so grateful when others decide that OUR shops are blog-worthy! Oh, yea ... definitely a happy dance-kinda moment! One thing we would like to do with our blog is to return the favor and promote other shops that we love and help spread the happy dance fever!

Stay tuned and to check out some of our favorites and help spread the joy!



PrettynPreppy said...

Also love that one of our good friends, Posh Pixels Design Studio got a shout-out in The Handmade Gift Guides feature. :)

Unknown said...

Coming by to say hello to you. Such a cheerful site! xoxo

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