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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thought I'd jump in with a little St. Patrick's Day project I did today using super cute printable circles stickers from Posh Pixels Design Studio on Etsy. If you haven't already, you've really got to check out her shop. Her stickers for Hershey Kisses are just a tiny sampling of her genius.

She sends you the file in pdf form so all you have to do is print it out ~ too easy! On a side note, she suggested using full sheet size labels but I couldn't find any at our Office Depot. I improvised and got the Avery Internet Shipping Labels which has two big labels per sheet.

After printing them, I used my cool Marvy 3/4" circle punch and punched out all the stickers.

Then it was just a matter of peeling them and putting them on the kisses. I would have had more kisses but well, someone (who shall remain nameless) decided to open the bag a few days ago and well, an open bag of kisses just doesn't last too long in our house. Anyway, the finished kisses are adorable and if any make it through tonight, I'll share them with mom tomorrow. I should probably go ahead and hide them now.

Sorry for the late post but I hope everyone had a happy (and pinch-free) St. Patty's Day!



Lola Pink Fabrics said...

Totally forgot to mention that Posh makes these stickers for every holiday. Although not listed in her shop yet, I've seen her Easter stickers and they are adorable!

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