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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

... anyone home? If you've visited our blog lately, you've obviously realized we've been M.I.A for quite sometime. It's like a ghost town around here LOL. For that we are truly sorry. That will change soon one way or another very soon. I promise!

Have y'all ever been so excited about something but so stressed out about it at the same time that you just basically become paralyzed waiting for it to happen? We've had an idea of where we want Lola Pink to go and finally put things in to motion in the last month or so. We should know within a week whether or not our dreams our going to come true. And to say I'm stressed out about it is an understatement. In one moment, I'm so confident and sure and then the next, I just think there's no way. The waiting and not knowing may possibly do me in before we get the final answer. For the most part though, I'm just paralyzed holding my breath until we hear something ... anything! We would really appreciate your good thoughts this week. Your good thoughts definitely help get us through the moments of doubt.

In the meantime, we've done a bit of sewing but not too much. We had a very nice wholesale order come in for our Pretty & Preppy baby items ~ yay! And we've both been working on getting caught up on Quilt Dad's Bloggers Block-a-palooza. Although all of my blocks are on the wonky side, it has been so much fun working on them. This is my very first quilt block ever ...

I definitely wouldn't win any quilting awards for it but I love it still. More of the blocks can be found here and some gorgeous block from others can be found on the Block-a-palooza Flickr page. I've got more to upload but need to fix a couple of "issues" with them first. LOL

I will finally be working on the blog in the next week updating all that is outdated. Including updating the coming soon collections. We've got some AMAZING fabric collections coming our way and can't wait to get my grubby little hands on them.

So please, if you haven't given up on us yet, hold tight. Good things are coming!

Oh and if you are around tonight and on Twitter ... be sure to check out Talkin' Tuesdays! We are sponsoring tonight's #talknt and will be giving away a couple of prizes! Woohoo!



Jan said...

Fingers and toes are crossed for both of you! Very exciting times are ahead no matter what happens!! Your block is very pretty! Triangles, too!!! Haven't tried those!

Kasey said...

My late father passed along a mantra: "If it's meant to be, it will happen." You know, Que sera, sera. I can't tell you how many times it's brought my stress level from 10 to about 5. I can live with 5.
I can't wait to hear about new fabrics!!!!

Little Creatable said...

I don't know what's going on but *hugs* we're here with you! Now about that block I LOVE IT...the colours are beautiful! So excited you're back bloging again!

Georgie Gilmore said...

Very cute, and nice site too... It's in my bookmark :)

Marci Girl said...

Good thoughts and vibes going your way for sure! Your block looks great and I love the Central Park fabric in it! Super job!

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