Crushing Hard - Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh my! I am crushing so hard over Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner! I cannot get over how rich and fabulous her color choices are. 

We've had it in the shop now for a little over a week and it's still the collection that catches my eye and makes me catch my breath. The bold patterns just draw me right in.

So fabulous!!  These fabrics would look great as a quilt, or a big, oversized bag, or jacket ... oh my! {sigh}How am I ever going to decide where to start with this collection? And where am I ever going to find the time to sew it all?? ARRG ... such is my life right now. Changes are a comin' though  ... I can feel it!{fingers crossed}

Surely I'm not the only one crushing hard over Innocent Crush? Anyone else falling head-over-heels in love like I am? Would love to hear your ideas as to how best to show off these
fabulous fabrics.



Nicole said...

Oh my is right! Between this and the Soul Blossoms....I may need to remortgage my house, lol!! It's all just so beautiful. Naturally I have to make some bonnets with these beauties, but I'm thinking maybe an uber-girl crib quilt or two as well. Yumm Yumm!!!

Jessica said...

Going to have to make my daughter something to wear out of First Impressions Fruit - she would rock it!

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