Fabric in Action - Dance Floor Geo Grand Quilt

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh my! I came across this fabulous quilt design on Daisy Janie's blog today and just had to share it. So pretty!

Jan worked with Juile of Jaybird Quilts to come up with design that would really show off the "geo" part of the Geo Grand collection and boy did they! I love the geometric design of this quilt. Makes my little engineer heart sing!

Even more exciting is that we will be able to admire the quilt in person when it's displayed in the Daisy Janie booth at Quilt Market! Yippee! You cannot even imagine how excited we are to go this year. I can't even wrap my head around all the fabulous fabric and quilts we're going to see.{sigh}

Sorry .. got lost in Quilt Market thoughts there for a moment. Please let me know if you are interested in making this quilt and we will get in touch with Julie and order the pattern. We can also make it into a kit with all the fabrics and you'll be good to go. In case you didn't know, we've got Daisy Janie's Geo Grand fabrics on sale right now. A great pattern and discounted fabrics ~ score!

Just shoot me an email if you're interested in the pattern and we will get some on order. This pattern makes such great use of the Geo Grand fabrics. I would love to see one of our fabulous customers make it.



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