Coming Soon ... Modern Affair by Pat Bravo

Monday, October 18, 2010

We are so excited today! {happy dance} We just got word that the new Pat Bravo collection Modern Affair is on its way to us! Yippee!! This is such a gorgeous collection. Just take a look at the mix of lime green, orange, turquoise and gray ...


In Pat's words, a Modern Affair is "an affair with texture and color. Hand drawn florals, a modern take on feathers, and stunning art nouveau wallpapers are mixed with today’s organic trend. Explosive Shades of turquoise and orange with neutral grays give these prints an eclectic feel." Such a great description for this fabulous collection.

As with all of the collections we stock in the shop, I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. The mix of colors and the prints are simply to die for. Definitely a swoon-worthy collection.

We're going to go ahead and open this one up for pre-order. It should arrive in the shop by the latest on Friday which means we can turn around and start shipping it out on Saturday. Woot!!

We would love to know which print in the collection is your favorite. It's such a hard choice for me but I'm thinking Rose Garden in Mint is my fave.



Texana said...

Flirty Dance Citrus! What a wonderful name for a fabric!

Jessica said...

Love it all, so pretty! I wonder why no one has done any fabric inspired by the California Craftsman style . .. this art nouveau feel gets pretty close though!

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